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Our Story

Snowminds Apparel comes from the land of skymountain (145 m), aka Denmark. That's right, beautifully flat Denmark. What we lack in slopes, however, we more than make up for in passion. We are a community of skiers and snowboarders defined by one thing always on our minds: snow. Our story began in 2012, when two former ski instructors, Christoffer and Ottar, came together to share their passion for snow. Their goal was simple: to help as many as possible experience "the good life" as a ski or snowboard instructor. Fast forward five years and Snowminds has grown from an idea into the world's largest ski-instructor training company. Our instructors can now be found anywhere, from the top of the highest peaks in Canada and Japan to the bottom of the best bars and apres-ski parties in Austria. Over time our work as ski instructors taught us a lot about what makes ski clothing great. Knowing the needs of skiers and our own standards best, we realized that creating our own clothing - the way we want it - made a lot of sense. So we did. From there Snowminds Apparel was born in 2016. We strive above all to create clothing that reflects our practical experience of what we, as professional skiers and snowboarders, truly want and need. With Snowminds apparel, we guarantee that everything is made by ski instructors for instructors (and anyone else passionate about snow). Whether it’s summer or winter, spring or fall, we design our clothing to fit your snow-minded lifestyle.

We hope you will join us. Thank you //

 Team Snowminds